Whale spotted off Punta Secca by two fishermen – VIDEO

A whale was sighted off the coast of Punta Secca, on the coast of Ragusa. It was spotted by two sports fishermen, Carmelo Iacono and Alessandro Scribano, who are experienced with these waters. They captured a video of the sighting, expressing their excitement and surprise. The whale in question is a pilot whale, commonly found in the northern Atlantic Ocean, Antarctica, and parts of Oceania, but it also inhabits the Mediterranean Sea, the Ligurian Sea, and the western waters of Sardinia. Just a few weeks ago, in July, an extraordinary sighting of approximately 150 individuals occurred in the area of the Cetacean Sanctuary, specifically in Liguria. Iacono and Scribano encountered the whale, which measured approximately 6 meters in length, about sixteen miles from the coast. The whale was “dancing” on the water’s surface, creating tall columns of water that caught the fishermen’s attention and led them to make this extraordinary discovery.

Una balena avvistata al largo di Punta Secca, la scoperta di due pescatori – VIDEO

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