Weather Catania, weekend between sun and clouds: the forecasts – LiveUnict

Relatively stable weather for the first weekend of March in Catania: in some moments, however, scattered clouds “cover” the Etna capital.

Relatively stable weekend in Sicily. Although in a phase of gradual weakening, the anticyclone still maintains conditions of widespread stability on the island. However they will be there cloud thickening during the day, especially close to Sicani, Madonie, Nebrodi and Etna. The temperatures will remain stationary, while they are expected light winds in a variable direction, in particular from E-SE on the Strait of Sicily. The sea is not very rough in the lower Tyrrhenian and rough in the southern Ionian Sea and in the Strait of Sicily.

Weather Catania: the forecast for the weekend

Friday 5th March: in Catania, for tomorrow, they are expected scattered clouds during the day, with precipitation and light winds. The wind from SSE will be with intensity from 6 km / h, with gusts up to 10 km / h. The minimum expected temperature is 8 ° C and the maximum is 17 ° C.

Saturday 6 March: improve the forecast for this Saturday. In the morning it is expected clear sky with temperatures around 16 ° C, which will increase to 81 ° C in the afternoon with the presence of some clouds. No precipitation. The ENE wind will have an intensity of 8 km / h with gusts up to 15 km / h. Temperatures will fluctuate between 9 and 19 ° C.

Sunday 7 March : the clouds will return to interest Sunday morning, even if scattered. It will be slightly cloudy in the afternoon. The wind will blow from Levante with intensity around 18 km / h with gusts up to 19 km / h. Minimum 12 ° C and maximum 16 ° C.