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Weather, bad weather in Palermo from 9 November to 12 November 2021

Still bad weather protagonist in Palermo. In fact, conditions in the city are expected to deteriorate sharply in the coming days. Federico Brescia of points out this. “The new deepening of the Mediterranean vortex that has been stationed for days on the western Mediterranean will cause a marked increase in instability on the island with strong thunderstorms that are expected to affect Sicily on several occasions – says the expert -. Until Tuesday morning it will be at the most of scattered phenomena and of moderate or abundant intensity. Tuesday evening instead an intense storm line will begin to develop, which will continue to feed itself, bringing heavy rainfall, including storms and thunderstorms, over the whole region until Friday morning . No one excluded, from Trapani initially, to Palermo and Agrigento where the phenomena will be more intense, to conclude with Messina who will see the minor effects “.

Brescia continues: “There will be days in which discomfort, landslides and floods, even important ones, may occur, pay attention. There will be some short dry pauses and some localized and short-lasting brightening. The situation will be aggravated by the strong sirocco wind with gusts even higher than 50km / h and storm surges with high waves up to 2.5mt in Catania and Ragusa. The total accumulations could reach 100mm where the most intense phenomena are expected. The weather in Palermo In Palermo the weather conditions are expected to deteriorate sharply in the next few days. “An acute phase of bad weather – adds the expert – is ready to affect the capital from Tuesday evening until Friday morning. In this period of time, thunderstorms could be strong and persistent causing discomfort, flooding and landslides. Total pluviometric accumulation expected. above 70mm. Ventilation from ESE tight. Rough sea offshore “.