"Weather alerts are no excuse for closing schools", here is the Civil Protection thrust


At each "alert" by the Regional Civil Protection for weather conditions deemed "adverse", the debate and the controversy are inevitable: but when the mayors must close schools and offices? And above all, have there been states of alert, such as the "red" one, which oblige the first citizens to make certain choices? Actually not, and it was the regional civil protection that put it on paper a couple of years ago in a very hard note signed by the general manager Calogero Foti.

"There is no direct relationship between the issuing of the notice of civil protection with a 'red' alert and the consequent closure of educational activities", said the manager, because not only the notices "still have a value of forecasting and not of certainty of occurrence ", but above all because everything must be contextualized to the territory. If a school is in a risk areain short, we can hypothesize the closure. Otherwise it is only a choice of the first citizens.

"I think we were absolutely clear about how everyone should behave in similar situations – commented Foti – and that nobody should find an excuse to close schools in case of a" red "alert".

What has changed compared to the past is the strength of the weather phenomena, which in recent years have become increasingly violent and with more and more abundant rains. What is expected during the week is indeed a real tropical cyclone with strong winds and heavy rains between Monday and Tuesday. The hope is that bad weather will discharge its violence at sea.

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