Weapons in armory inspected, report filed, and seized in Trapani

The owner of a gun shop in Trapani has been reported to the police for illegal manufacturing or trading of explosives and unauthorized manufacturing and trading of weapons. During a check at the commercial establishment, pyrotechnic material, about 10 kilograms of powder, was found, exceeding the amount authorized by the license issued by the prefect.

Some weapons were not registered but noted in another register as “goods in process,” and, according to the owner, they were held “temporarily” for repairs. From the examination of the acquired registers and the documentation, it was found that the 40-year-old man had not complied with the prefectural license requirements regarding the quantity of explosive material and did not have a license for weapon repair, so those registered as “goods in process” were illegally held. The 40-year-old was reported, while the illegally held weapons, ammunition, and explosives were seized.

Controlli in armeria, denuncia e sequestro a Trapani

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