“We are finally reaping the fruits of our work”

First victory in the league for the Partinicaudace who at San Salvatore beat the Folgore Castelvetrano 3-1. The game takes a clear turn already in the first half when the neroverde formation wins the double advantage thanks to the header goals of the two central defense Celestra and Alfano.

In the second half the Partinicaudace finds the third goal with Zerbo scoring from close range after a good start from Parisi. The expulsion of Alfano animates the final game a little but the forcing of the guests only translates into the goal of Parisi’s flag. By virtue of this success the neroverdi rise to four points in the standings reaching San Vito, Casteldaccia, Raffadali and Kamarat. Partinicaudace coach Giuseppe Mazzola spoke about the match congratulating his team: “We are finally reaping the fruits of the work done so far – says the coach at PalermoToday – we didn’t give up with Resuttana, we had to be more cynical in San Vito. The calendar put us in the first games of the season – he continues – all tough and well-organized teams. Today we were good at unblocking it and then doubling down in the first half. In the second half we played more cautiously behind, managing to take advantage of the spaces left by the Thunderbolt. We suffered a lot after the expulsion of our defender Alfano – he concludes – but the boys really gave everything to be able to bring home this victory. From Tuesday we will start thinking about the trip to Alcamo “. Montoleone:” Happy for the success after the prank against San Vito ” Even the president of the club Giovanni Montoleone expressed satisfaction for the team’s success: “I am very happy for this first victory in the league – he told PalermoToday – after last Sunday’s disappointment with San Vito Lo Capo’s draw in the 95th. In Promotion no race is taken for granted, moreover the Folgore is an excellent team, therefore, this gives even more value to these three points. We had an excellent performance going 3-0, then there were 10 of us left and immediately the return of the Thunderbolt but it can be “.

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