“We all fight on the same side” – LiveUnict

Born in 1916, he served during the Second World War, Nonno Antonio gets vaccinated and reminds the new generations of the importance of doing it.

His name is Antonio Bonajuto, he was born in 1916 and is the oldest Sicilian to have received the Covid 19 vaccine. The 105-year-old got vaccinated at the Catania Polyclinic, accompanied by his son Salvatore.

During the Second World War Antonio was an officer in the Royal Army, but after 8 September he refused to collaborate with the Nazis and was therefore deported to Germany. Having been born in a historical period troubled by war and Spanish influence, he reminded the staff of the Polyclinic: “Even during the Spanish we were locked in the house, but now there is a vaccine against this virus and it is right to do it. During the war there were friends and enemies, here we all fight on the same side “.

It should be remembered that, from February 20, 2021, vaccinations began for over eighty, between the Polyclinic and San Marco Hospital over 1,200 vaccinations were administered to over 80s.

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