Water supply disrupted in Caltanissetta and San Cataldo due to pipe damage

Siciliacque has announced that due to a fault along its water supply pipeline at Cozzo della Guardia, it had to interrupt today’s supply to the municipalities of Caltanissetta and San Cataldo. As a result, Caltaqua-Acque di Caltanissetta spa, the integrated water service provider for the province of Caltanissetta, had to suspend the planned distribution of water to all users in the entire territory of Caltanissetta. However, distribution to the hospital and prison is still guaranteed. Distribution is also suspended in the entire municipality of San Cataldo except for the area around Via Sicilia. Caltaqua will promptly provide any useful updates as they become available.

Guasto a una condotta, Caltanissetta e San Cataldo restano senz’acqua

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