Water service management, La Rocca: "Special consortium company"


"As the legal representative of the Municipality of Montevago, I believe that the only legal form for the management of the water service in our territory is that of the special consortium company". This was declared by the mayor of Montevago Margherita La Rocca Ruvolo.

“After the highly negative choice of private management, such as that of the Girgenti Acque joint stock company, in choosing the new management model it is necessary – underlines – to guarantee citizens a public service characterized by transparency, administrative correctness and efficiency. definitively removing those doubts of bad management that in recent years have prevailed in the opinion of many ”.

"The Municipalities – adds La Rocca Ruvolo – must be the main actors in managing an indispensable service for the community and not spectators, as we have seen, unfortunately, in these years. The possibility of approving the fundamental acts, of modifying them if it deems it necessary to better guarantee rights to the citizen, the power to determine the purposes, guidelines and objectives, verify the results of the management, exercise control over how the money, on how the staff is hired, can only be obtained with the public management of the service ".

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