Water-saving ordinance issued for Egadi Islands due to drought ahead of summer

Explanation: The article talks about a drought emergency in the province of Trapani and the Egadi Islands and how they are taking precautions for the upcoming summer. The mayor of Favignana, Francesco Forgione, has issued an ordinance to save water due to a possible shortage in the hot months. The ordinance immediately prohibits the withdrawals and consumption of drinking water for washing courtyard areas, driveways, private vehicles, filling ornamental fountains, garden ponds, and private pools, and any uses other than for food, domestic, and hygiene purposes. Garden irrigation is only allowed between 10 pm and 6 am for a maximum of sixty minutes. Using electric pumps to draw water from the communal pipeline is also prohibited to ensure a consistent water distribution. The administration is urging the population to use drinking water rationally and responsibly.

Siccità alle Egadi, ordinanza per risparmiare l’acqua in vista dell’estate

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