Water outage in Palermo’s Via Cavour area causes inconvenience for residents and tourists

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Via Cavour and surrounding areas without water. In the historic center of Palermo, from this morning, hundreds of residents woke up without water service. The taps in the houses remain dry and so many families have been experiencing inconvenience for some hours, not being able to carry out common actions. The same fate has befallen tourists. In the area, in fact, there are many accommodation facilities. Owners complain of damages and inconveniences to visitors. Restaurants are also affected, as they have been protesting the lack of water for some hours. At the moment, the most affected are the bars.

The reasons for the breakdown are still unknown, while the emergency hotline of Amap, the public company that manages the service, is receiving hundreds of calls. And we are waiting for a response. It seems that the inconvenience extends to via Vincenzo Riolo and piazza XIII Vittime. “We are without water – some residents denounce – we hope they solve the problem as soon as possible, we are repeatedly calling the emergency hotline. There are many of us with the same problem.” “At the moment, we have reserves – explains Alessandro Azzimati, owner of a restaurant on via Cavour – but we don’t know how long we can keep going. The damage can be significant, I think of the many accommodation facilities that we also have.”

Palermo, la zona di via Cavour si sveglia senz’acqua: disagi per residenti e turisti

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