"Water bomb" on the province: we work to free many roads from the mud


The rains of recent days have already brought the provincial road system to its knees. The offices of the Free Consortium have started a survey on some of the roads that have been affected by mudslides on the roadways and in some cases also by the fall of boulders and large tree branches.

Particularly affected is the area between Aragon, Joppolo Giancaxio, Santa Elisabetta and Comitini, where there was a real "water bomb" that caused the discharge of large quantities of mud and debris on Spc n. 42, 43 and 44, on the Sp n. 17 section C and on the SP n. 60.

Carriageways also covered the mountain area, in particular on the Sp n. 19 San Biagio-Alessandria della Rocca. The workers are already at work from the early hours of the morning, and for this the technical staff of the Libero Consorzio recommends to the
motorists in transit on the internal road network, already in bad general conditions, to pay the utmost attention to both
criticality both to the work of removing and restoring normal levels of transit, and to strictly comply with speed limits
indicated with appropriate signs to prevent the asphalt flooded with mud from constituting a safety hazard. Normal transitability, in the absence of further rain events, should be restored on the same day.

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