Waste Zuccaro, in the years the Region’s wicked choices

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Cosa Nostra, “taking advantage of the waste emergency in Sicily, due to a wicked choice made by the Region over the years, infiltrates the management and delivery of waste”.
This is the complaint of the Chief Prosecutor of Catania, Carmelo Zuccaro, during the hearing before the National Anti-Mafia Commission.
“Thanks to this wicked policy of not choosing certain things – says Zuccaro – the landfill sector, which is a particularly profitable sector, is almost entirely in the hands of subjects connected to the mafia directly or indirectly, as well as waste collection”.

“The infiltration of Cosa Nostra into the economic fabric is particularly relevant in sectors that are fundamental for the development of the economy, starting from the agricultural sector, the trade sector, from small to large trade, but also the construction sector.
Many sectors that are low capitalization but with a high number of staff, where the circulation of cash is particularly important.
This allows Cosa Nostra to clean up the money deriving from illegal activities “.

In the sector of the Confiscated Assets Agency, “there are unqualified personnel, both from a qualitative and quantitative point of view, there is a lack of intermediate figures and they are not qualified.
The state is at stake on this credibility, ”said the Procurator of Catania Carmelo Zuccaro.
Then he also attacks the municipality of Catania which, according to him, “does not carry out this task well despite the awareness that I have addressed to the various administrations”.
“They have not started to operate and in this sector we have a long list of assets that theoretically should be assigned but the municipalities do not do their part”, reiterates Zuccaro.

Adding: “It is one of the most critical aspects that I encountered that of the management of assets that are seized and confiscated from mafia associations, a sector in which state institutions risk making a bad impression in public opinion.
We have excellent legislation on confiscation and seizure, but the administration of assets is particularly ineffective “.
“If a seized asset is left there without any use, it is clear that the state does not show particular reliability on what should be one of the most important instruments”.

“For the fight against Cosa Nostra, we cannot limit ourselves to a passive defense of legality, but to a real attack, so I have focused a lot on the economic aspects of combating the Mafia phenomenon, by means of preventive seizures aimed at confiscation.
In the Catania district the seizures of mafia assets are the highest in Sicily.
I consider it fundamental as an attack strategy, because the territory and the Catania economy are a reality that lends itself to being infiltrated and attacked by mafia associations, both by the Santapaola and by the Cappello and Laudani clans ”.
Zuccaro then asked that part of his intervention be classified.

“Almost all the companies that deal with the collection of waste in eastern Sicily have direct or indirect control of the mafia associations.
Our Prosecutor made three major operations that led to the emergence of these links, one of which with the Santapaola clan ”.

“Unfortunately, I see the inadequacy of the police forces operating in Syracuse and Ragusa in the fight against the mafia, these are territories in which it would be necessary to have bodies that went beyond the competences of the mobile police squad or the operational nucleus of the Carabinieri “.

“The phenomena that the police forces in those provinces have to face are particularly complex and sophisticated and as we know the investigative capacity cannot invest with particular success on operations in the medium and long term – he says – it does not have the specialized forces.
From this point of view, you particularly welcome the fact that the Siscos should be set up soon, capable of supporting local forces that are unable to adequately combat the mafia phenomenon ”.

“The Santapaola-Ercolano partnership has had hegemony in the Cosa Nostra in Catania since 1978.
But it is also flanked by the Cappello clan, which has a great vocation in terms of extortion and drug dealing and expansion towards Syracuse, while the Laudani clan is particularly active in some Etna villages.
These three groups also manage to be operational in the Taormina-Giardini area, overflowing into the Messina area and infiltrating tourist activities “.

Carmelo Zuccaro said when he was heard by the parliamentary commission of inquiry on the phenomenon of the mafia.
“In the province of Syracuse the most important mafia clan is the Bottaro-Attanasio clan, the preferred sector is drug trafficking.
In the territory of Scicli, Vittoria, a municipality dissolved until recently due to mafia infiltration, and Comiso there are the Stidda groups, which have opposed the Cosa Nostra and have a great presence in the Ragusa area “.

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