Waste, the landfill of Trapani reopens its doors to the compactors of Palermo

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The protest of the mayors this afternoon under the windows of the regional presidency and the waste emergency in several municipalities of the Palermo area, averted for the moment.
The company that manages the Trapani landfill, which had closed the gates to compactors from the province of Palermo, has announced that it will again allow the Municipalities of Palermo to deliver waste to their plant.

This is the news that awaited the mayor of Termini, Maria Terranova, that of Altofonte, Angela De Luca, and the mayor of Bagheria, Filippo Tripoli, who today protested in Piazza Indipendenza in Palermo to push the Region to adopt measures that would avert the waste emergency at the gates.
Together with them was present at the protest the M5S regional deputy Giampiero Trizzino, expert in environmental policies and member of the Environment commission of Ars.

“We are satisfied – says Terranova – with this news and we ask that we can confer not only on a regular basis but also allow us to clear up the backlog accumulated so far.
It is obvious, however, that this is a buffer solution.
The faults of the Region remain: there was a lack of planning and now the citizens are paying.
Musumeci do something concrete, don’t just think about the armchair “.

The umpteenth waste emergency was envisaged by the unavailability of several landfills in Sicily, the latest in order of time for the Oikos in Catania.
The straw that broke the camel’s back was the closing of the gates of Trapani.

“With the heat – continues Terranova – there was a risk of a health emergency.
And what does Musumeci do? While the municipalities are collapsing and do not know what to do, he convenes a press conference to tell us that the center-right does not want him as a candidate for the next regional ones.
Once again the regional government, solely responsible for this environmental destruction, fails, showing the lack of planning and the total absence of an environmental policy, continuing to mortify our territories and citizens.
They ask us to differentiate more and more, we make enormous efforts to control and stem the phenomenon of abandonment and, in the end, we witness, helpless, the destruction of all the hard work done, while from the Region the Srr of the most kneeling areas of the Region are wary.
so that suitable solutions are identified for the transport outside the Region (with costs borne by the citizens) of the undifferentiated waste, warning that the commissioner proposal will be made in the event of further inaction.
We do not intend to lend ourselves to all of this.
We cannot charge the costs of transferring waste out of Sicily to citizens ”.

“We can only appreciate – comments Trizzino – the interest of the regional councilor Daniela Baglieri who has spent these days so that the Trapani landfill could open the gates, but we cannot be silent about what Musumeci could have done in his five years of legislature.
We could and should have planned everything in time.
We had to plan new plants, the modernization of existing ones, a network at the service of the municipalities, and instead we reduced ourselves at the last minute.
Summer has just begun, Sicily is filled with tourists and right now that we need more facilities, we have so few that we are forced to send waste out of the region.
Precisely to avoid that the costs of this operation fall on citizens with yet another increase in the Tari, we will prepare an amendment to the next budget change that we will soon make to the ARS to set up an ah hoc fund to support the expenses of the Municipalities and avoid that once again put your hands in the pockets of innocent Sicilians “.

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