Waste, the construction of the seventh pool at Bellolampo begins


The Via-Vas commission of the regional councilor for the territory authorized the project for the construction of the seventh pool of the Bellolampo landfill. This unlocks the grave stalemate for which for months Palermo's waste has been transported to eastern Sicily for disposal. Now it is up to the Region to carry out the tender procedure. As soon as work has begun, it will take 14 months for the seventh tank to be ready. The structure will have a total capacity of around 960 thousand cubic meters and will cost about 29 million euros. According to the forecasts of the designers, after the first six months of work it will still be possible to reactivate the deposit of garbage in Bellolampo. Only until the end of 2019, transporting waste to landfills in eastern Sicily will instead have an additional cost of 11 million euros.

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