Waste, Marino replies to the League: “Rap failure unthinkable”

Editorial team 08 August 2021 16:44

The League attacks, Marino responds. Close call and response between Marianna Caronia and Igor Gelarda, on the one hand, and the councilor for the Budget and relations with Rap, on the other. At the heart of the dispute is the issue of waste. “For the PRA the future is increasingly dark, and it is also black for the maintenance of the waste system in Palermo”, say Caronia and the leader of the Lega Gelarda. “Now – they add in chorus – the resignation of the general manager, Roberto Li Causi who until the end tried to do his best, but who perhaps today had become uncomfortable. Resignations that bring another element of great uncertainty in the organization and in the business management. There is clearly a serious political responsibility, which falls on the municipal administration and in particular on the councilor Sergio Marino, often responsible for relations with Rap and today also for the budget “. Caronia and Gelarda continue: “The failure to initiate any dispute with the Region due to the very serious delays on the seventh tank, but also on the 7.5 million allocated by law in favor of the RAP and never transferred, confirms a precise political will that has in the background the company and the city compared to the power games and the personal relationships of the councilor and the mayor with the regional structure. as Lega we are ready to make the barricades so that the company does not fail. The Palermo people are already paying the consequences today, in the hope that a new bankruptcy will not be reached, which would open a chasm on the future of the service and workers, forced by the lack of staff and with few means to make up for the inability of the Municipality. Palermo risks being the victim once again of this mayor “. Marino’s reply is ready: “I have already had the opportunity to provide all the elements of understanding to the Honorable Caronia in the city council but perhaps I have not been clear enough. Assuming the failure of Rap is beyond any logical consideration and if it were true it is surprising that who contributed to not allowing the vote in the Council on the Pef Tari (due act) and on the tariffs today want to make barricades! arrive and we do not even know if the political position and institutional role that the Honorable Caronia plays at the Regional Assembly gives her the most suitable role to let us know where they are and if there are the seven million that I remember are intended for the management of the old tanks “. Marino continues: “On the dispute with the Region for the extra costs deriving from the delayed delivery of the seventh tank, I have already delivered to the Presidency of the City Council the report that the Environment Office sent to the Lawyer to start the dispute, which certainly cannot be short-term. be such as to predict a result, which hopefully positive, in a short time. My role as Assessor for Budget and non-municipal resources has determined the allocation of important resources on the Pon React and on the Poc (bulky treatment plant) to strengthen and structuring Rap on both waste sorting and Bellolampo On Bellolampo the municipality and the Region are taking steps to define an agreement aimed at providing the Municipality and Rap with substantial funding for waste treatment in a broad perspective that involves the Municipalities of the metropolitan city. Relations with the regional structure, often altered in the past by a climate of tension and not very productive, they have already made it possible to avoid other extra costs estimated at over 50 million euros and if this is due to institutional relations conducted in a climate of serenity, I believe that even the advisers of the League should be pleased “.