Waste, Legambiente: “Lost 5 million from the municipality of Palermo”

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“Over 5 months to present the projects.
It’s not just sloppiness, it’s incompetence and willful misconduct ”

PALERMO – “Over 5 months to prepare and present projects already, in part, defined for some time by the Rap offices and find oneself on the last day of the expiry of the notice (among other things extended by another 30 days) in front of a problem unsurpassed technician.
It is not just sloppiness, it is incompetence and willful misconduct, yet another insult to the detriment of the city and the people of Palermo.
For years Palermo has been at the stake in separate waste collection – chronically stopping below 15%, with tens of millions of euros that are wasted every year in throwing waste, even potentially differentiable ones, in the Bellolampo landfill, if not in other landfills with costs very salty for the people of Palermo – and, when the opportunity arises to get funding for projects to improve the separate waste collection system, they are not even able to send the drawn up projects.
We have no more words ”.
Tommaso Castronovo, the waste and circular economy manager of Legambiente Sicily, says this in a press release.

In the Mite notice of last September – says Legambiente – expiring on February 14 and extended to March 16, over 1.5 billion euros were made available to the Srr and the Municipalities for the construction of new plants for recycling and 600 million for the improvement of the separate waste collection system, of which 60% destined for the southern regions.
The Municipality of Palermo had claimed the task of elaborating projects and presenting the proposed through their offices and those of Rap.

The Municipality – adds Legambiente – has dusted off, through the Rap officials, the old projects of another 10 municipal collection centers, already foreseen in the industrial plan, with the aim of completing the network of CCRs in the city.
Furthermore, in the measure dedicated to financing the interventions for the construction of plants intended for recycling, the aneorobic biodigestion plant was envisaged, the project of which had already been defined by Asja, and a plant for the selection and enhancement of the waste fraction.
differentiated dry.
The municipality of Palermo had the task of presenting the proposals by sending the CCR projects and that of the valorisation plant of the dry fraction of separate waste collection, for a value of 30 million euros, to the dedicated platform of the Mite, by March 16, 2022.
But the projects relating to the Crr and to the valorisation plant of the dry fraction were not transmitted by the Municipality officials.

“Another wasted opportunity by the Municipality – concludes Castronovo – to free ourselves from waste and move towards the circular economy”.

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