Waste, Figuccia Too many municipalities in crisis, accelerate on waste-to-energy plants

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PALERMO – “Too many Sicilian municipalities are in a situation of serious emergency due to the waste not disposed of.
Palermo with the Bellolampo landfill is one of these and the situation in Carini is also worrying.
An acceleration is needed on the publication of the tender for the construction of the two waste-to-energy plants planned in Gela and Pantano d’Arci in the Catania area.
The Region is investing over one billion euros but a further delay in the procedures is not tolerable.
If necessary, the President of the Region appoints an ad acta commissioner to the Energy Department to give more sprint to the administrative procedure.
Sicily must redeem itself and forget this sad primacy of a Region with a low percentage rate of recycling and an area in which it is forced to transfer waste elsewhere due to the lack of waste-to-energy plants.
In all this we remain among the Regions where a very high Tari is paid despite the inefficiency of the waste management service “.
This was stated by Vincenzo Figuccia, deputy of Prima Italia at the Sicilian Regional Assembly.

Sicilian news 2022-07-05 18:44:00

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