waste and prostitution • First Page Trapani

A real mess, the one now reported by several readers near the Sports Hall. Piazzale Ilio, more than a widening, is more and more a landfill. Passing through those parts, the first impression you get between abandoned beer bottles, pizza boxes, pieces of wood and other types of waste is of profound decay. It’s not the first time that residents of the area have reported it, yet it really looks like it’s a free zone. Not to mention the constant problem related to prostitution, shameful and embarrassing constant that has been going on for several years now as if nothing had happened.

Just this morning we received the photo you see on the cover. There is no respect even for the outdoor basketball court which, between dirt and pieces of glass, remains a place with great potential, unfortunately not yet fully exploited. We hope that the area will be cleaned up, that the plants are taken care of and that someone takes a tour inside the flower beds around the PalaConad, literally filled with even bulky waste.

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