Warning motorists, vehicles saved: "Speed" arrives on the road


It's called "Speed", or "speed". It is a European campaign with which checks have been intensified in the arterial roads. The European Network of traffic police "Tispol" has planned the plan in the period from 12 to 18 August 2019. And the details have also been disseminated by the Palermo police.

"For the entire week, anyone who will be driving on the European routes will therefore be aware that, in every country that passes through, compliance with the speed limits will be constantly monitored," they say from the Palermo police station. To this end, the traffic police have prepared throughout the entire territory the execution, for the entire period in question, of "targeted speed controls and also the implementation of services with the Tutor and Vergilius systems on the motorway and large arteries communication where this particular technology for medium and punctual speed detection is installed and active ”.

The Vergilius system is the Tutor's older and better evolved brother: it detects the speed of each vehicle that enters and exits a specific stretch of road, taking the relative photo. He thus carries out a double check: he checks the average speed that the vehicle has held between the two points of detection and checks the instantaneous speed that the vehicle had in each of the two points. By combining the features of Tutor and Speed ​​Camera, with a more advanced technology.

"Tispol – explain the police – is a network of cooperation between road police, established in 1996 under the aegis of the European Union, to which all Member States belong, except Greece and Slovakia, as well as Switzerland, Serbia , Turkey and Georgia. Italy is represented by the traffic police service of the Ministry of the Interior, which held its operational presidency until April 2019 and currently holds the honorary presidency. The organization intends to develop operational cooperation between European road police to reduce the number of road deaths and road accidents, in adherence to the European action plan 2011-2020, through joint international operations to combat violations and “thematic campaigns” "Throughout Europe within specific strategic areas".

The objective is to raise road safety standards, harmonizing prevention, information and control activities, also through communication campaigns and joint operations whose results are then monitored by the Tispol Operating Group. "The purpose of the" Speed ​​"campaign – say the police – is to effectively overcome the speed limits of motor vehicle drivers on all European high-traffic roads, so that the conscience develops and the awareness that at the same time all the Union traffic police forces are operating with the same methods, homogeneous instruments and a common objective ”.

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