Warehouse with 167 LPG cylinders without authorizations, the seizure is triggered in Palermo

A fuel storage warehouse for home use without safety clearances was discovered in via Gustavo Roccella in Palermo by the financiers of the 2nd Metropolitan Operational Unit. 167 LPG cylinders seized, for a total weight of about 2,515 kilos, and the criminal seizure of the warehouse.

The owner, a 41-year-old TF from Palermo, has never requested the Scia and has not communicated the storage of flammable gases to both the Municipality of Palermo and the Fire Brigade. Furthermore, the fire prevention certificate is absent with the aggravating circumstance of the presence of employees inside the premises.

All the aforementioned documents are essential for the safety of the structures and of the people inside them due to the dangers caused by the presence of highly flammable gases or vapors that could cause serious explosions.

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