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War in Ukraine, Palermo also joins the march against “Putin’s brutal aggression”

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PALERMO – Goes onunfortunately without stopping, the war in Ukraine but also the “competition” Of solidarity And nearness to the people hitwhich is experiencing firsthand the atrocities of the conflict.

In fact, thousands gave themselves up appointment in Comiso to ask for peaceyesterday as 40 years ago, in name of Pio La Torrebringing together representatives from the world of work, anti-mafia associations, cooperation, civil society, institutions.

The appeal to participate in the march launched by the promoters, it was shared by associations, institutions, parties and politicians and civil society.
Among the adhesions those of many MEPs and municipalities of Sicily, including Palermo.
The procession started from Baden Powell park and reached piazza Fonte Dianafor the final event.

The mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando he has declared: “The Municipality of Palermo today joined the motion of indignation and condemnation against the Putin’s brutal military aggression in Ukraine joining, together with thousands of associations, representatives of the world of work, civil society and institutions, to the gear in Comiso“.

A great mobilization which, following the example of Pio La Torre on an anniversary that marked the history of our country, was a way to underline that peace is the right of rightsfor send strong messagesor against the investment of the country’s resources in arms“, He adds.

Investments that do not represent the solution to conflicts.
The institutions should rather commit themselves to building peace because only with peace we can live in the present and plan for the future
“, He concludes.

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