War device on the beach, a danger averted by divers and raiders of the Navy

Editorial staff 27 September 2021 16:48

Share It was located about 100 meters away from the Seccagrande beaches in the territory of Ribera. It is a naval mine intercepted and made safe by Comsubin divers. The device, dating back to the Second World War, was taken, in particular, by the men of the Underwater Operating Group (GOS) of the Underwater Command and Navy raiders (Comsubin), posted at the Sdai Nucleus (Demining defense against insidious vehicles) of Augusta.
The emergency intervention was ordered by the Prefecture of Agrigento following the report by some divers belonging to a local sports and cultural association: not far from the coast, they had noticed the presence of a hemisphere with a diameter of about one meter that emerged from the sandy bottom. The bomb would belong to armed forces of German nationality. It contained 300 kilos of explosives. To remove it, complex operations and maneuvers were performed. The mine, in fact, was covered with sand for about 50 percent of its surface. It was therefore necessary to dig. After taking it to the mainland, it was neutralized through special procedures. “All the operations – let the Navy know – were carried out respecting and safeguarding the marine ecosystem.
The mayor of Ribera personally gave the Comsubin military a plaque of thanks” for having worked in extreme safety and with professionalism “.

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