Walker convicted of theft and robbery, assets seized in Siracusa worth 850,000 euros

The police in Siracusa have seized assets worth 850 thousand euros from a 67-year-old woman associated with the “caminanti” community, under anti-mafia laws targeting the accumulation and availability of illicit assets by those involved in criminal activities. The woman is currently serving a 21-year prison sentence for multiple convictions, including theft, fraud, robbery, illegal possession of weapons, and possession of burglary tools. The confiscation order was issued by the Prevention Measures section of the Catania Court, based on a proposal from the Siracusa Police Chief. The woman has a history of criminal activity in various provinces across Italy, and investigations have revealed that her significant illicit earnings were invested in valuable properties and vehicles, totaling 850 thousand euros.

Caminante condannata per furti e rapine, sequestrati a Siracusa beni per 850 mila euro

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