Wakeboard national team at Palazzo d’Orleans, ready for European Championships

The Italian wakeboarding team was welcomed this morning at Palazzo d’Orléans by the president of the Sicilian Region, Renato Schifani. The team will be competing for the first time on the island in the European championships taking place from October 30th to November 4th in the waters of Lake Poma in Partinico. Accompanying the team are coaches Pierluigi Mazzia, Enzo Molinari, Claudio Dal Lago, and Manfredi Napoli. Also present were regional assessor Edy Tamajo, the mayor and president of the municipal council of Partinico, Pietro Rao and Erasmo Briganò. “Sport,” said President Schifani, “is a vital element that fosters growth because it educates both the body and the mind, in addition to having a high social value. For this reason, the regional government has wanted to finance the so-called ‘gym bonus’ for the second consecutive year. I hope that Sicily can be, once again, an excellent launching pad and I wish you the best success.” “As a sports enthusiast and lover of numerous disciplines,” added assessor Tamajo, “I am delighted that this event is taking place in Partinico, generating interesting economic benefits for local businesses. Sports events not only bring in visitors and revenue but also generate interest in the places where they take place. We are willing to explore, together with the Italian Federation, whether there are conditions to create a federal center here in Sicily.” Wakeboarding is a water sport that combines snowboarding and water skiing. It is primarily practiced on a board, allowing participants to glide on the water while performing various acrobatics, being towed by a motor boat. Over 100 athletes from across Europe are arriving in the small town in the province of Palermo these days. The Italian team has won the European championships ten times in the last eleven competitions.

La nazionale di wakeboard a Palazzo d’Orleans, tutto pronto per i campionati europei

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