Waiting List, Nas Raid at Asp di Agrigento: Investigation to Expand to All Healthcare Facilities in Sicily

The Nucleo Antisofisticazione of the Carabinieri conducted an inspection at the Asp of Agrigento and found numerous irregularities in the management of waiting lists. This is the first step in a widespread investigation prompted by the Ministry of Health’s concern over long waiting times for medical procedures. The investigation will cover all Asp and hospitals in Sicily, where there are record numbers of pending requests for outpatient visits and unanswered hospital reservations. The regional government is taking action to address the issue, with plans to contact patients who have booked appointments to confirm their interest. This is part of a larger plan to reduce waiting lists, which will involve a complete overhaul of appointment schedules by September 4th.

Liste d’attesa, irruzione dei Nas all’Asp di Agrigento: l’indagine si allargherà alle strutture sanitarie di tutta la Sicilia

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