Wage equality and gender gap, on 2 July meeting in Catania organized by Jose Marano

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A meeting will be held on July 2 at 6 pm at Il Principe Hotel, in via Alessi 24 in Catania, on the theme “Equal wages and Gender Gap: a gap to be bridged” organized by the honorable Jose Marano deputy of the M5S at Ars.

The event will be moderated by Patrizia Penna, newspaper journalist from Sicily, and will be attended by among others Nuccio Di Paola, group leader M5S at Ars, Giorgio Pasqua, M5S deputy at Ars, Francesco Cappello, M5S deputy at Ars.

After the introduction by Jose Marano, first signatory of the bill n.
727 for the introduction of rules for the elimination of the pay gap, there will be two panels.

The first will focus on “Business and economy” in which Pietro Agen, president of Confcommercio Sicilia, Giacomo Gargano, director of IRFIS Finsicilia SpA, Maria Grazia Bonsignore, president of Movimento Donne Impresa Sicilia will intervene; Mirta Viganò, Pinko Human Resources Manager; Federica Argentati, president of the Citrus Production District of Sicily; Monica Luca, president of the Confindustria Catania female entrepreneurship committee.

The second panel will focus on “Institutions and welfare policies” to overcome the gender pay gap and will be attended by Nunzia Catalfo, senator and former minister of labor and social policies; Margherita Ferro, regional councilor for equality of the Sicilian Region; Maurizio Bernardi, National Association of Italian Families; Matilde Cifali, president of the Confcommercio women’s tertiary group.

“The issue of wage equality and gender gap is always a topical issue – says Marano -.
For this reason, in the Sicilian Regional Assembly I filed a bill on combating the gender pay gap (ddl 727 of 15.04.20).
The event aims to dissect the current situation and highlight the reasons for the difference in conditions and treatment between men and women in various fields of social life, from politics to the economy, from culture to sport, which with current trends could be closed , according to the global Gender Gap report 2021, in 135.6 years.
We need to redesign the role of women, move away from ancient cultural and social legacies and review the relationship that binds men, considering that, despite the best results in education and training, women continue to be penalized in the world of work and career professional “, concludes Marano.

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