Vulcano: Partial conviction for administrator of company managing thermal area

After four years, the thermal pool in Vulcano has been released from seizure, attracting tourists from all over the world every year for its therapeutic benefits. The provision was made by the judge of the Barcellona court, Giuseppe Sidoti, after the administrator of the company Geoterme, Gustavo Conti, restored the site. The request was made by lawyer Saro Venuto.

For the abusive works that were carried out in the pool, the administrator Conti was convicted, the President Lino Ferlazzo was acquitted because the act does not constitute a crime, the designer Emanuele Carnevale was sent to trial, and there was a decision of non-prosecution because the act does not exist for Carlo Chiofalo, who rented a kiosk in the area and physically carried out the work. They were defended by lawyers Saro Venuto, Luciano Scoglio, Francesco Rizzo, Alessandro Billè, and Nello Cassata.

Conti was only found guilty for two charges (building abuse for some concrete pillars and for strengthening the defenses of the sea protection wall and pathways with rocks). The administrator of Geoterme, the company that managed the pool and regulated access for thirty years, was sentenced to one year and two months, suspended sentence, and a fine of over 14,000 euros.

Vulcano, dissequestrato il laghetto: condanna parziale per l’amministratore della società che ha gestito l’area termale

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