Vulcano: ban on access to the crater extended

(ANSA) – LIPARI, 02 JAN – The mayor of Lipari, Riccardo Gullo has extended, until next March 31, with a contingent and urgent ordinance, the prohibition of access to the “La fossa” crater of Vulcano due to the anomalous gaseous emissions that endanger public safety. The mayor himself requested an urgent meeting with the Committee for the coordination of measures for the protection of public health and safety “for a comparison, useful for sharing the most useful and urgent contents to be taken, with particular reference to the areas subjected from prohibition”.

On 21 December, the Council of Ministers, on the proposal of the Minister for civil protection and marine policies Nello Musumeci, approved the six-month extension of the state of emergency already approved as a result of the high concentrations of volcanic gases in the air detected in the territory of the island. .