Vujevic-show, for the Caffè Trinca Palermo third victory in a row (3-0) in Santo Stefano

Third consecutive victory of Caffè Trinca Palermo which thus continues undefeated and with full points its path in group P of B2 women. At the Pala Ceramiche in Santo Stefano di Camastra, the rosanero surpass the Nigithor clubs (3-0) with another prodigious performance by Lea Vujevic, author of 23 points and top scorer of the match. In spite of the round result, it was a very balanced match where shrewdness in the important stages of the partials by the expert group coached by Pirrotta prevailed once again.

“A good proof of pride – comments Luigi Allegra, sporting director of Caffè Trinca Palermo – on the part of our girls. In moments of difficulty they have once again shown their character. It is not easy to show it especially when you play away from home. We are clearly happy. of the amalgamation of a collective that is giving satisfactions “. “Once again – declares Sara Lo Gerfo, free from Caffè Trinca Palermo – we have shown that we can recover independently from the critical stages of the race or from the strong disadvantage. It is becoming a peculiarity of our team. Precisely for this reason I am happy with my team and to make it part. Congratulations to us “. The chronicle Pleasant race to follow in a first set characterized by frequent reversals of the front. Well De Luca in fast (15-17), just as effective the response of the stefanesi who in the center with Oliva overturn the trend (18-17). Pirrotta’s time-out serves to put his team in order and so Lombardo takes matters into his own hands (18-20). On the discretionary time requested by Nigithor, Pagano and associates find courage (21-20). In the service captain Lombardo points in reception on Li Muli, former on duty, finding the ace (21-23). The result of the first run ends with Vujevic’s hands-out attack from zone 2 (23-25). Second part more fluent for Caffè Trinca, more casual and more leader in the game. Local reception is severely tested by the rosanero service (15-19). The 4 advantage is maintained with diligence, Vujevic is a real undermining force of the antagonistic walls (20-24). And the wall is still the protagonist in the set point for Palermo, thanks to Vescovo who closes the road to Pagano (20-25). The third portion of the game is a good test of character made by Lo Gerfo and her companions. Santo Stefano raises his head with Li Muli who walls De Luca (7-3). Di Bert on the wall claims the wrong suffered by his partner with a block that sends Palermo back to -3 (7-4). Di Staso, the neroarancio playmaker, runs the game often preferring zone 3. Vujevic, in a rare moment of the match, does not go on offense due to the firmness of Pagano (13-8). The small alarm bell directs Pirrotta to move the center by focusing on Chiara Miceli, on her seasonal debut. Nigithor rejoices at the maximum advantage achieved with Di Staso who surprises the guest reception at the service (15-9). The service continues to claim victims, but this time the wind turns in favor of Palermo with the ace of Vujevic (15-13). Palermo relies on its security and its ways out, namely Tatiana Lombardo. It is she who resumes the race (17-17). Rosanero pride finds its glow and also its advantage with Di Bert who finds an inviting conflict zone from the nine-meter line (18-19). The service becomes the thorn in the side for Santo Stefano. Lombardo inflicts another blow (19-21). The discretionary game interruptions requested by Anfuso for the local team are not sufficient to contain the fluency of Caffè Trinca. Vujevic is an uncontrollable steamroller and Pagano can do very little (21-24). Nicoletta De Luca closes with a fast in the middle (21-25). The scoreboard NIGITHOR SANTO STEFANO – CAFFE ‘TRINCA PALERMO 0-3 (23-25 ​​20-25 21-25) NIGITHOR SANTO STEFANO: Pagano 13, Torre 4, Barletta 9, Li Muli 13, Di Staso 3, Oliva 6, Parisi (L1), Arcoleo (L2), Giorlando ne, Giuffrida ne, Vaiana ne, Kalcheva ne, Todaro ne, Genualdi no. All. Anfuso. CAFFE ‘TRINCA PALERMO: Di Bert 3, Vujevic 23, Bishop 9, De Luca 3, Carnazzo 5, Lombardo 9, Lo Gerfo (L), Ferro in, Visone in. Herds Pirrotta. Referees: Giulia Morelli from Caltanissetta and Vincenzo Emma from Pietraperzia.