Vucciria, work on the church of Santa Maria La Nova: “We will improve accessibility”

Work continues on the Coime for the construction of an access ramp for the disabled to the church of Santa Maria La Nova, in the Vucciria district.

After the disposal of the existing sidewalk and the construction of the concrete base of the ramp, the Coime workers are now working on the billiemi marble flooring. “Social inclusion, cultural and physical accessibility, urban redevelopment, wide and qualified partnership: these are the elements that characterize the intervention of the Municipality in a context of great historical value. This is a further commitment of this council – declared the deputy mayor with delegation at the Decor Fabio Giambrone and the councilor for Green Sergio Marino – in the constant sign of urban regeneration. A step forward that must always characterize our action also in the context of social inclusion “.

The intervention is part of the I-Access project, shared between the Municipality, the Department of Architecture of the University, Cnr, the Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity, the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, the University of Malta and the Municipality. of Valletta.

The project aims to develop innovative solutions for improving the cultural and physical accessibility of cultural heritage in historical centers. The partnership initiative is proposed as a pilot project for the two contexts identified in Malta and Palermo, to increase social inclusion by improving the accessibility of goods in the pedestrian areas of historic centers.