Voltano Aqueduct still faulty, 10 Municipalities remain dry


The Commissioner Management of the S.I.I. ATI AG9 announces that, today, January 16, a fault was found on the Voltano aqueduct, in c.da Mulinazzo, in the Santo Stefano di Quisquina area.

Therefore, the water supply in the Municipalities of:

• Agrigento (fraction of Giardina Gallotti and fraction of Montaperto, via Unità d’Italia, Fontanelle, San Michele, areas served by the Madonna delle Rocche reservoir);

• S. Biagio Platani;

• S. Angelo Muxaro;

• Joppolo Giancaxio;

• St. Elizabeth;

• Raffadali;

· Aragon;

• Comitini;

Porto Empedocle;

• Favara;

• Users turn around.

Consequently, there may be slippages and / or limitations on the water shift scheduled for today and tomorrow.

It is reassured that the other aqueduct lines (Acquedotto Fanaco) are being taken into consideration in order to feed the aforementioned municipalities, albeit in a reduced form.

At the end of the repairs, the water supply will return to normal and, therefore, the water distribution will be restored, which will normalize in compliance with the necessary technical times.

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