Volleyball, Seap Dalli Cardillo Aragona victorious but the president "brakes"


After the painful victory over Sant’Elia, the Seap Dalli Cardillo Aragon he started training again yesterday to prepare in the best way for the difficult home championship match against Castellana Grotte Bari on Saturday. The match will be played at the Pippo Nicosia sports hall in Agrigento starting at 17 and is valid for the twelfth day, penultimate round, of the series B1 tournament, group D.

The Secchi coaching team is called to a turnaround. The last performances and in particular that of last Saturday, are not at all liked by the president Nino Di Giacomo: «This team wins but does not convince – said Di Giacomo examining the match -. It does not seem to me the right attitude of a team that must be at the top and want to win the championship. We see in the week of recording something, but if this is the Seap Dalli Cardillo, I must admit that it cannot go far. From now on every game will be a battle. They were good at resuming the game that had gone badly, the change of the coach was fundamental, it allowed us to change the face of the game but I saw a team that is struggling to take off. It has a slow engine and it's not nice what I saw and that we showed to our fans. I hope that the girls understand that it is not the right attitude to continue, I am very bitter even if we have won "concluded Di Giacomo.

Secchi was also not particularly satisfied with the attitude of the team in some moments of the game: "It was a game suffered for many merits by the opponent who improvised everything in the first three sets – explained Secchi -. This made us lose the game and we struggled to find acceptable situations. In some parts of the game I had the impression that we were playing spectators instead of players. However, it was an important victory. I struggle to think how the Sant’Elia team has such a low ranking, so we must be happy to have managed to win. At the end of the day, I'm sorry, not so much for the lost point, but because I didn't really like the attitude we had, "he concluded.

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