Volleyball Aragon, the first joint training with Catania ends 2-2

First positive exit for Seap Dalli Cardillo Volleyball Aragona . In the joint training, on the field of the ambitious Rizzotti Design Volleyball Sicily Catania, the team of coach Stefano Micoli played an excellent match, showing a good organization of the game and a satisfactory physical condition. The test match between the two Serie A2 teams ended 2-2. These are the partial: 25-21, 25-22, 25-27, 13-25 . The Seap Dalli Cardillo Volleyball Aragona initially took the field with Caracuta on the dribble, Stival opposite, Cometti and Negri central, Moneta and Dzakovic hammers – receivers, Vittorio free. Bisegna, Zonta, Zech and Casarotti entered the third and fourth set. The free Fabiola Ruffa is absent due to a slight physical problem.

After losing the first two partial, the biancazzurra has grown in every fundamental, winning the remaining sets with merit. Good performance by the young Negri, Zech, Casarotti, Stival and Bisegna. More than positive debut for Montenegrin Dzakovic, best scorer with 19 points. The veterans Caracuta, Moneta, Vittorio, Cometti and Zonta have confirmed all their value . This is the scoreboard of the Seap Dalli Cardillo Volleyball Aragon: Bisegna 4, Zech 7, Caracuta 3, Casarotti 0, Zonta 6, Cometti 6, Negri 9, Dzakovic 19, Stival 11, Moneta 7, Vittorio L. Coach Stefano Micoli Rizzotti Design Volleyball Sicily Catania: Bordignon 9, Catania 12, Fiore 16, Conti A. 10, Bonaccorso 1, Oggioni 10, Bertone 6, Conti M. 0, Bridi 4. Coach Mauro Chiappafreddo NOTES: Muri Aragona 5, Catania 9. Ace Aragona 11, Catania 5. Err. battuta Aragona 9, Catania 7. Err. share Aragona 11, Catania 12. Attack Aragon 34% , Catania 39%. Reception Aragona 51% ( 28% perfect ), Catania 47% (19% perfect).

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