Volley Modica, Turlà remains at D’Amico’s court

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29 Jun 2022 11:11

After Chillemi’s confirmation comes the approval for another Modica.
The Avimecc Volley Modica, in fact, communicates the permanence in the squad of Piero Turlà, an element that has proved to be up to the category last season.

Turlà grew up in this club and for him it is practically home.
After a year of experience in Serie B with Gupe, he returned to make himself available to D’Amico and give his best for the team.
Confirmation is the natural step towards the company’s plan to train its children to show them off at great levels, with a keen eye to the future.

The boy, for his part, states that: “Last year was fantastic, I had a lot of fun with my teammates and with all the staff.
It has been a season that has allowed me to grow a lot and gain experience, now I just want to take the field and improve the results we have already managed to achieve “

On D’Amico and his staff: “We found each other right from the start, we work hard with them but always with serenity and commitment.
For me the human relationship is the basis of a good job and I found in them the perfect professionals to grow and mature in harmony “.

On the future and on the newcomers: “I know little about the new members of the roster but what is certain is that they will give us a big hand to improve.
After all, our goal is to do better than last season and the conditions are really all there “.

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