Volcanic ash in Riposto affects Archi and Carruba, mayor issues ordinance

Carrubba and Archi are the two areas of the Riposto territory affected by the fall of volcanic ash following the new paroxysmal activity of Mount Etna. The mayor, Davide Vasta, conducted a survey this morning to assess the situation firsthand, and issued an ordinance in the afternoon, limiting the speed on roads affected by the ashfall to 30 km/h for vehicles and 10 km/h for two and three-wheeled vehicles. The circulation of two-wheeled vehicles is prohibited in case of rain. Citizens are instructed to collect volcanic ash in transparent bags, not too heavy, and place them near their homes for collection by a designated company within ten days. The mayor urges citizens to cooperate in avoiding mixing ash with waste, as it has complicated disposal in the past. He also noted that fortunately, the volcanic ashfall this time was limited to the two mentioned areas.

Cenere vulcanica, a Riposto colpite le frazioni di Archi e Carruba, il sindaco emette un’ordinanza

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