Volcanic ash emergency, five mayors of Etna ask for a special law

Editorial staff 15 September 2021 17:33

Share Volcanic ash emergency. The mayors of Giarre, Milo, Sant’Alfio, Santa Venerina and Zafferana Etnea symbolically took off the tricolor band to protest against the failure to recognize the status of ‘Volcanic Municipalities’. The first citizens, representing a community of about 40 thousand inhabitants, ask that the State and the Region, given the continuous emission of lava ash from Etna, “provide by law for refreshments and tax breaks in favor of harassed administrations, citizens and businesses. , and impoverished, by the costs of cleaning the roofs of houses, warehouses and public buildings from ashes as well as by damage to economic activities “. “The situation is tragic and so we can no longer go on – say Angelo D’Anna, Alfio Cosentino, Giuseppe Nicotra, Salvatore Greco and Salvatore Russo – we all got into debt beyond all limits, without having coverage in the budgets, to be close to ours. communities and face the emergencies of the city traffic in the aftermath of every paroxysmal episode of our Etna: cleaning helipads for first aid, main roads, squares, schools “. “But now – they continue – we are exhausted: due to the ash we risk financial failure and therefore no longer even be able to provide essential services to our fellow citizens: schools, transport, social assistance. And if the Municipalities have received aid that partially covers expenses up to May 31 – add the five mayors of Etna – families and businesses are still without a refreshment, a reimbursement, a contribution relief: nothing! Yet for months they have faced extraordinary expenses that have a hard impact on the budgets of families, companies and small VAT numbers . Ours is the request for help from an entire community “. Also present was Anthony Barbagallo (PD Sicily regional secretary) who declared: “Volcanic ash is a real state of emergency that has been going on for several months now. We, as a PD group at Ars, had proposed an amendment to the Financial Act which provided for an allocation of 5 million euros to cover the costs borne by the municipalities for the collection and disposal of volcanic ash. An amendment that was approved by the Center-right both in the Budget Committee and in the classroom. The Musumeci government cannot continue to remain with our hands “.

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