VLOG ITALY | sicily + rome

Travel with me to Taormina and Rome with @blake healey, @Delaney Childs, Clayton + Neela 🙂 Barcelona Vlog: Taormina Airbnb: (wifi sucks) Restaurant at 8:20 and 25:28 is La Zagara … mistake typing 🙂 LINK VIDEO: black hat: triple golden circles: orange oversized t-shirt: brown silk dress: white sunglasses: orange button-down shirt: golden headbands: floral crop top: white pants: sunglasses black: floral minidress: white linen button – down jacket: floral bikini: lipstick: FIND ME ELSEWHERE … INSTAGRAM: @michelleinfusino PINTEREST: TIKTOK: @michelle_infusino BLOG: www.michelleinfusino.com I LIKE TO KNOW:

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