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Vivicittà in Palermo, Idrissi wins the peace race on a 10-kilometer track

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Mohamed Idrissi and Annalisa Di Carlo win the XXXVII edition of Vivicittà Palermo, on a 10-kilometer course, which saw 436 participants at the finish line.
The Uisp event took place simultaneously in 30 Italian cities and in seven foreign cities and was renamed “the race for peace” and the restart after two years of hiatus due to the pandemic.
The winners, both registered for the Mega Hobby Sport of Caltanissetta, were the fastest along the route from the Schifani-Delle Palme stadium in viale del Fante to the Parco della Favorita.
Idrissi, after the success of 2018, conceded ikl bis with a time of 33’01 “.
Salvatore Matteo Greco of Asd Palermo was behind by over 3’20”.
On the lowest step of the podium Francesco Crisafi (Asd Sicilia Running Team) who in 36’50 “almost beat Fabio Cammarata (Asd Agex) fourth in 36’54” and Roberto Di Bella (Amatori Palermo) finished fifth in 36 ‘ 59 “.
Annalisa Di Carlo certified the double of the Mega Hobby Sport Caltanissetta winning the women’s race in 39’26 “, preceding Barbara Bennici (Caivano Runners) at the finish line in 41’07” and Laura Civiletti (Asd Atletica Mondello) 42’34 “.
The youngest in the race was Giuseppe Camillo Cucina, 82 years old in May, who closed his efforts with a time of 1h20’58 “.
Winner of the M80 category Giovanni Imperato (Amatori Palermo) 1h03’31 “.
The most numerous club is the GS Amatori Palermo with 42 athletes at the start.