Vittoria seizes 7 tons of untraceable canned goods at a facility

Over 7 tons of food preserves were seized by the carabinieri of Nas in Ragusa in an olive oil and food preservation plant that was supposed to be operated by an agricultural company from the countryside of Vittoria. The activity was closed and the owner was fined over 8,500 euros. During the inspection, the military, with the collaboration of the prevention department of the Asp of Ragusa, seized about 6,125 kg of tomato puree preserves and 1,420 kg of sun-dried tomato preserves, all lacking traceability. The few packages with labels had an expired expiration date. Furthermore, the owner allegedly failed to establish self-control procedures based on haccp principles to ensure food safety and the absence of biological, chemical, and physical contaminants in the food.

Vittoria, sequestrate 7 tonnellate di conserve non tracciabili in uno stabilimento

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