Vittoria, Dop Monti Iblei Oil: the information campaign starts from the school

Dop Monti Iblei oil among the school desks. Not only promotional activities but an information campaign thanks to a memorandum of understanding – lasting three years – between the Guglielmo Marconi di Vittoria high school and the consortium for the protection of the DOP Monti Iblei oil. A training and growth path for future maitre and chefs with “targeted” qualification courses. Furthermore, the school can be a support for promotional activities aimed at events and demonstrations. The message is clear: to make people understand the value of oil and transfer the health qualities. Dop oil is an excellence of our typical gastronomy but also a strong cultural and identity element. With this initiative, the consortium for the protection of the DOP Monti Iblei, thanks to the precious collaboration of the Amira association – Ragusa Barocca – intended to stimulate more and more knowledge and the conscious use of certified quality oils in the kitchen by training targeted future cooks a crucial factor for the professional growth of today’s students.
IN THE PHOTO, some students of the “Marconi” during a lesson

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