Vittoria caught passing ex’s house with gasoline can: reported

A man refuses to accept the end of his relationship with his partner and becomes physically and psychologically abusive towards her when he learns she has started a new relationship. He even loiters outside her home with a can of gasoline. The victim reports her ex and the police begin an investigation. The court in Ragusa has issued a restraining order against the man, prohibiting him from coming near the woman. In a separate incident, another man is reported to have assaulted his wife while she was walking with friends in Scoglitti. He slapped her, stole her phone, and was subsequently charged with robbery, assault, and defamation. In Ispica, a unemployed and clean record 24-year-old man was arrested for repeatedly threatening and harassing his ex-girlfriend. He tried to control her relationships with others, even forbidding her from greeting them and physically abusing her in private. The woman, tired of the abuse, decided to press charges and the man has been placed under house arrest.

Vittoria, passa davanti alla casa della ex con una tanica di benzina: denunciato

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