Visit of the 2021 District Governor, Gaetano De Bernardis to the Rotary Club of Nicosia di Sicilia – EnnaOra

The visit of the Governor of District 2110 Gaetano De Bernardis to the Rotary Club of Nicosia of Sicily took place. The President of the Club, Nino Basile, together with the board of directors, welcomed the Governor and his staff. The visit of the Governor is the most significant moment in the life of the Club. On this occasion the most important Rotarian representative of the District comes to personally see the activities of the Club, bringing the suggestions of his experience useful for the realization of the programs established by the Club.
The Governor also met with Rotaract president Alain Calò, secretary Irene La Porta, and other young Rotaractors. Two important moments: the informal administrative meeting and the convivial meeting. As the Rotarian ceremonial establishes, the first is a private moment of the Club during which the president, Nino Basile, after having exposed the program for AR 2021/22, presented the members of its board and the members who represent the beating heart of the Club. Following, the official convivial meeting, reserved exclusively for members and their spouses.

The Governor, De Bernardis, after outlining the district program, reminded those present to always keep alive the values ​​of friendship and peace that animate Rotary. He concluded his speech by congratulating President Basile, not only for the planned service activities, but for the excellent organization and the harmony and emphasis he found in the Board and in all the members of the Club. event Alfio Di Costa, the deputy Governor and member of the Nicosia Club, and a conspicuous representation of the District staff, Sergio Malizia as District Secretary, Cristian Pocorobba Assistant to the Governor of the Ceres Area and the co-District Secretary Roberto Lo Nigro.