VIP visit to the Aeolian Islands: Lapo Elkann strolls in Lipari, Giorgia Soleri captures photos on Stromboli

The Aeolian Islands are full of tourists, celebrities, and mega yachts. Lapo Elkann visited Lipari and stopped by Antonio Bilotta’s tobacconist. He bought about 2 packs of e-cigarette cartridges, lighters, and chewing gum. He confirmed to Bilotta that “Lukaku… yes, he might arrive…”. He then disappeared with his wife Joana Lemos and their two children, avoiding the locals and vacationers on the crowded Garibaldi street. Prior to his stop at the Filippino restaurant, he also took a selfie with the owner, Antonio Bernardi, and friends. On the island, he was also chased by influencer Vittorio Pavone. On Stromboli, beauties sunbathe. Lorella Cuccarini has already climbed part of the crater, and now 27-year-old influencer Giorgia Soleri has joined. They have been sharing “hot” photos on social media. One fan commented: “You are the volcano…”. The mega yacht Atlantis II, owned by the billionaire Greek ship owner Philip Niarchos, an art collector, continues to sail around the Aeolian Islands. It stopped near the fishing village of Filicudi, and Philip, along with his wife and daughters, reached the marina on a tender. He is the first son of Stauros Niarchos, who left a $5 million inheritance. Philip visited Lucio Fontana’s exhibition at the Studio Casoli and commented on the island’s historical memory, Dario Lopes, saying, “If the man who bought a Van Gogh for $71.5 million comes to this small island to see his exhibition, it means that visionary Sergio Casoli was right”. At Lipari, the cruise ship Club Med2 docked in front of the castle. It arrived from Palermo and will depart for Catania. With a French flag, it has 14,983 gross tonnage and 400 tourists on board. And in front of Marina Lunga bay, there is the Seabourn, which arrived from Giardini Naxos and will depart for Amalfi. It has a Bahamian flag, 23,615 tons, and 300 tourists on board.

Vip alle Eolie: passeggiata a Lipari per Lapo Elkann, foto a Stromboli per Giorgia Soleri

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