Violence women: Cruillas Palermo school joins the Amorù PALERMO network


Violence women: Cruillas school Palermo joins the Amorù network

PALERMO, 25 NOV It was signed today by the head teacher of the Cruillas Comprehensive Institute, Maria Rosa Caldarella, and by the head of the association ‘Life and Life ‘, Valentina Cicirello, the memorandum of understanding with which the school adheres to the “Amorù anti-violence territorial network”, a project carried out with the support of the Foundation with the South which for over two years has been carrying out initiatives aimed at preventing and combating the phenomenon of violence against women in the territory of Palermo and the eastern province.

“The adhesion of the school says the director Maria Rosaria Caldarella is particularly significant also because the school is attended by the children of Piera Napoli, the woman barbarously killed by her husband last February in her home in via Vanvitelli. supporting the healthy growth of our children continues Con I knew ‘Life and Life’ and contacted her to hear what she could do for us.

So we signed this protocol of understanding through which we hope to be able to strengthen in boys the ability to be men of value who know how to respect women and in girls the ability to be strong and autonomous women who do not allow themselves to be trampled on “. “Today is an important day for us, says Valentina Cicirello joining the Amorù network is important because we think that we must start with education for the little ones. Education in non-violence must be done in compulsory schools and in families, because prevention remains the most effective weapon to counter this hateful phenomenon “. (ANSA).