Vincenzo’s house, now it’s time for a change. Or not?

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by Fra Giuseppe Maggiore – Yesterday the Gazzetta del Sud published an interview with the Extraordinary Commissioner Leonardo Santoro who for 100 days ruled the city of Messina after the resignation of Cateno de Luca. In the interview Santoro mentions the various problems encountered by making a sort of balance sheet of his work, focusing on some critical issues concerning the investee companies of the Municipality of Messina.
When asked what problems he encountered, the former Commissioner replies:

“The Social City, for example, had asked for about 200 hires, I blocked them, asking that first they draw on the long list or stabilize the historical precarious workers, such as those formerly Casa Serena.
To my knowledge, however, it has not been done.
And again in the Social City, I had solicited, after several complaints, both in writing and with lively recommendations, the solution of some critical issues at the Casa di Vincenzo.
But even here I didn’t get a response ».

There is a saying that I think is apt to describe the obtuseness of problems present in the public dormitory “Casa di Vincenzo”: “There is no more deaf than one who does not want to hear”.

For about three years, in fact, problems and criticalities have been exposed in the appropriate places: problems related to the incompetence of unqualified personnel to be able to interact with fragile people who live on the street, to the lack of training, to an improvised regulation based on the situations that from time to time they present themselves to the lack of sensitivity and prudence in dealing with emotionally weak subjects.
In August 2021 at the expiration of the contract for the Casa di Vincenzo, the Councilor for Social Services Dr.
Calafiore, taking note and awareness of the serious situation of the management of the public dormitory, tries to remedy by halving the Osa operators and inserting some professional figures in order to help guests make a re-educational path.
Black smoke, indeed very black, because instead of excluding those who were the cause of the problems reported several times, those that could have given a better contribution were transferred to other services.

The logic of parentopoli and clientelism once again prevailed over the real needs of poor people who often see themselves humiliated and abused because they pee on themselves, or because they do not respect the rules and rules of the house, forgetting that those guests they are people who have lived on the street for years and who in any case have problems related to observing the rules.
Women left out with very young children because they did not have a tampon, others not hosted because the document was foreign or expired …
without calling the street unit of Medihospes which provides for the tampon at any time, or other shelters , washing his hands in the style of Pontius Pilate and leaving the sick person in the cold and rain.
I specify that I have seen all this with my own eyes more than once.

Being in charge of the Chapel of the Central Station, and being always in that area, I receive daily complaints from guests who unfortunately are forced to sleep at “Vincenzo’s house”.
To prevent me from knowing, a peremptory order was given not to talk to me, but even to contact directly those operators who turn out to be the real problem of a place that should welcome and not reject, guard and not attack.
However, after the recall of Commissioner Santoro it was decided to remedy the problem, at least apparently, by changing the person in charge of the accommodation of Transito, another problematic place, and of the dormitory.
Salvatore Culletta in Bisconte, and Marisa Pisana at the Casa di Vincenzo.
Two excellent professionals, highly trained people… but if a good coach is given a team of incompetents, will he ever win the championship? The problem repeats itself… another saying goes: “errare humanum est, perseverare autem diabolicum”.

Why this persistence in wallowing in error? What is the fear that blocks a renewal? Perhaps because alliances with some unions could harm and worry some at the top? Why does someone not want to give it to his enemies, including me? Refusing to understand that it would benefit the image of the company and above all of the poor.
Perhaps love more for funding than for the poor hinders the awareness that man must be promoted, helped, respected, guarded a priori?

But if Vincenzo’s house, despite the efforts of some educators, or as I was told by the guests themselves, of the new manager, unfortunately continues to be a disaster for so many reasons that I am not here to write, there is the “Centro Never more last ”, wanted by the Councilor Calafiore and always managed by the Socialcity which, thanks to the competence and sensitivity of Doctor Dinah Caminiti, is a point of reference for many poor people in the city.
I know I attract even more the fatal wrath, the slander and perhaps some denunciation, but believe me it doesn’t matter… when I put on the dress I am wearing I made the intention to be the voice of the voiceless.

What about the threat of a complaint? I can’t wait, so we can clarify many events.
Instead, I hope that common sense prevails and that the competent bodies can intervene in order to protect the poor who are the true flesh of Christ and not a mere source of income.

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