Villaseta fire station, 900 thousand euro contract ready


Already in March 2009, during a targeted inspection, they emerged water infiltration in the premises of the administrative and operational department, as well as in the room of the same commander; broken pipes that – at the time – led to the closure of some toilets in the dormitories and the risk of a parapet collapsing.

Emergencies and critical issues, therefore, in the headquarters that houses the provincial command of the Agrigento fire brigade. Now, in the last few hours to be precise, the executive project for the extraordinary maintenance and safety works of the building in via Caduti di Marzabotto in Villaseta.

And eliminating the critical issues will cost a total of 930 thousand euros to the former regional Province of Agrigento, of which 730 thousand euros for auction-based works. "The extraordinary commissioner of the Free municipal consortium, in September last year, approved the budget for 2019 and the performance plan for the years 2019-2021. The extraordinary maintenance and safety intervention of the provincial command headquarters of the firefighters return and find financial coverage – they wrote by the Libero municipal consortium – in the forecast of expenditure for the year 2020 of 930,000 euros ».

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