Villagrazia di Carini, Soleado bar robbery. The military of the weapon arrested four people


During the night between 5 and 6 November, the soldiers of the local company weapon arrested four Carinesi who, misrepresented with full-face helmets and armed with a pistol, robbed the Soleado bar in Villagrazia di Carini, closing the employees of the restaurant in a small room.

The soldiers immediately set out on the tracks of the criminals, who left on two cars, arriving at the home of one of them after a few minutes while they were still sharing the booty: more than 500 packets of cigarettes and a change machine with just under a thousand euros inside.

The landlord was blocked following the raid, the other three disappeared in the surrounding countryside, favored by darkness. In the house two guns were found, completely identical to real weapons. The investigative activity developed over the entire night has …

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