Villages of fest treasures, 59 Sicilian jewels to discover PALERMO

PALERMO, 06 JUL 2021 will be the year of silent villages, forgotten artisans, rediscovered crafts, flavors that taste like home; but also of traditions, of immersive experiences, of a slow life that does not mean lazy, rather on a human and natural scale. They have already dubbed it Slow Tourism and it is drawing attention to small communities. Sicily is already ahead: in fact, a new association of small municipalities has been born united under the aegis of the Le Vie dei Tesori Foundation, which want to undertake regeneration, repopulation and sustainable development actions. And a first pilot experience took shape at the end of the summer. Two weekends, 28 and 29 August and 2 and 3 September: about sixty known and unknown villages, in the mountains and by the sea, perched under castles or forgotten in the countryside, full of art treasures or softly green will open the “jewels family’s”. With the support of Igt, the Foundation with Il Sud and the Sicily Foundation. Borghi dei tesori fest will be presented on Thursday 8 July, at 11.15, at the Spasimo complex in Palermo. The mayors of the 59 municipalities that have joined the festival will speak. Present will be the president of the Sicilian Region Nello Musumeci, the councilors for Education Roberto Lagalla, Tourism Manlio Messina, Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity, Alberto SamonĂ ; the president of the Sicily Foundation, Raffaele Bonsignore; the president of the Le Vie dei Tesori Foundation Laura Anello. The #HoSceltoIlSud project will be presented with Mario Incudine: from this suggestion the Sicilian singer-songwriter Mario Incudine composed one of his pieces.

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