Villabate man arrested for ramming car after failed right of way.

The Carabinieri of the Misilmeri company arrested a 24-year-old from Villabate for resisting a public official. It all started with a trivial dispute over a missed priority. A 52-year-old man who was chased and threatened with death by the aggressor asked the carabinieri for help. The young man began shouting and assaulting the motorist after an argument. The motorist got back in his car and tried to leave, but the suspect began to chase him with his own car. He continued to threaten the man and rear-ended him several times. The carabinieri managed to intercept him, but he did not stop at the command to do so, instead fleeing at high speed through the city streets, hitting several parked vehicles. The man was finally stopped and arrested. The judge validated and ordered the imposition of the measure of the obligation to report to the judicial police.

Villabate, insegue un’auto e la tampona per una mancata precedenza: arrestato

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